Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose a lawyer?

A: Choosing an attorney is an important decision. You and your attorney will work together to help you develop your settlement so that your important needs are met.

Qualities to Seek:

  • An attorney you feel comfortable working with and in whom you have confidence.
  • An attorney who will explain the process and applicable law to you in terms you understand.
  • An attorney with trial experience.
  • An attorney who attends seminars to increase their knowledge.
  • An attorney who is involved in their legal community.
  • An attorney who gives seminars and can teach and share knowledge.
  • An attorney who is available to you, is responsive to your needs, and returns your phone calls.
  • An attorney who has sufficient support resources (e.g. paralegals and legal assistants).
  • An attorney who specializes in family and divorce law and who has in-depth understanding of the law.
  • An attorney who has collaborative training and understands the value of no court divorce.
  • An attorney with trial experience and will not settle your case out of fear of going to court.