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Collaborative Divorce - Tampa, FL

Collaborative Practice

Do you want to avoid costly courtroom battles, shield your children from your divorce, or keep costs down but still obtain a thorough determination of assets and liabilities for a fair division? If so, then the collaborative process is for you.

Social Studies and Investigation - Tampa, FL

Limited Legal Representation

Also called "unbundled legal services". Do you need guidance on how to fill out the Supreme Court Forms? Are you unsure of how to file a petition and begin your case? Do you only need representation on one aspect of your case? We can help you, no matter how involved you would like us to be.

Violence Injunction - Tampa, FL

Violence Injunction

Being a victim of a violent act is a serious matter. Being wrongfully accused by someone looking to gain an advantage is just as serious. We are here to protect your rights in the courtroom.

Dissolution of Marriage - Tampa, FL

Dissolution of Marriage

The impact of a divorce can be far reaching, especially if your home, your retirement and other assets are involved. Our experience in the courtroom will help you negotiate a realistic and fair settlement.

Child Custody Disputes - Tampa, FL

Child Custody Disputes

When a relationship disintegrates and children are involved the issues faced can seem insurmountable. Our empathy and experience help you do the right thing for you – and most importantly – for your child.

Paternity Law - Tampa, FL


Emotions run high when children are involved. Whether you're a father or a mother, let us help you establish a child-focused parenting plan that is in everyone’s best interests.

Alimony & Child Support - Tampa, FL

Alimony & Child Support

Agreeing on a fair amount of support can be an extremely contentious issue in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown or divorce. We’ll help you find a resolution that is fair and financially viable.

Criminal Law - Tampa, FL


Nobody plans to get arrested. Nobody believes someone close could be the cause. We will help you rectify the situation.

Dependency - Tampa, FL


When DCF puts you on the defensive, don’t despair. Let us protect your parentage.

Guardianship - Tampa, FL


Whether due to non-age, advanced age or infirmity, we will facilitate your ability to look after your loved one.

Social Studies and Investigation - Tampa, FL

Guardian Ad Litem

When the courts do not allow child testimony, you need an experienced Guardian Ad Litem to thoroughly investigate the best interests of the child.