Mrs. Chase is incredibly savvy, wise, strategic, as well as compassionate. Her resume is extensive with various specialties in her background which means that if your case is complicated, she has the unique ability to see all legal sides and strategize accordingly. Do not be scared off by her fees, because for one thing, if your family is on the line, you absolutely need her. Secondly, she is very careful and responsible with your money, and will be very fair in her billing. Julia is kind and compassionate, and will do her best to bring peace to you as you go through this. She also will not fill your head with bravado and false confidence; she will tell you every possibility and worst case scenario, which you need to hear in order to make the right decisions. No lawyer has a crystal ball, so run from any of them that tell you what your outcome is going to be. Julia has chops, I can tell you, and she is terrifying to the other side while maintaining professionalism and class.

Dates of Representation: April 2015 to August 2015
Dissolution Timesharing Modification and Emergency Motion for Injunction, Client v. Former Husband